Middle Distance Runner – Plane in Flames (Review)

This is the debut album from a new band to the Washington, D.C. / Northern Virginia indie scene who formed last year. I saw them recently at Gooski’s in Pittsburgh, where they put on an energetic performance.

The man on the mic, Steve Kilroy, has a singing voice that is comfortable accompanying subtle melodies or the swaggering Rawk of ‘Man of the People.’ The rest of the five-piece band serves up an excellent sound.

Stand out tracks are ‘Naturally,’ the catchy opener; ‘Top of the Stairs;’ and the well-chosen closeout ‘That’s a Lie.’ Their guitars really shine on the sweeping ‘Hooks’ and ‘Out of Here,’ both of which certainly bring to mind OK Computer-era Radiohead influence.

I’m not a huge indie fan so I can’t do any more name dropping but for a debut album from a new band, Plane in Flames shows not just promise but a fair amount of realization.

Retail Price: $10

My Rating: $15

If you live in NoVA you can pick this up at CD Cellar. I know of one on Rt 7 in the City of Falls Church and there’s one in Arlington as well. You can also buy it online at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mdrunner. I suggest you do and definitely keep an eye on this band.